The NEXT Film Festival, Denmark

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Very happy to be invited to the Next Film Festival held in Odense, Denmark where my recent short film ‘The Inspector’ was showcased. I arrived on the 31st of August, and over the coming days got to know the other filmmakers very well. We did a talent camp together, attended screenings, and even got to sit in for a talk with Editor Mikkel E.G Nielsen, which was eye-opening, and I respect the art of editing a lot more now!

The best part of this experience was getting to know the other filmmakers better. I got a good sense of what film means to different people from other parts of the world. It was amazing watching everyone’s short films after getting to know them so well. It felt like a celebration of each other’s talents, rather than a competition. I was proud of ‘The Inspector’ during this screening, not because it was technically impressive, but because it was just as creative as all the other international filmmakers’ films were. What an impressive bunch!

I am very thankful to the Fresh Film Festival for organising my travel to Denmark, and the Next Film Festival for hosting my stay. This opportunity broadened my mind, and gave me amazing memories!