Project Category: Short Film

Ronnie, a teen girl sent to a wilderness camp for Troubled Teens, tries to preserve her sense of self within the camp. She is confronted with the fact that her parents can never love and accept her the way she needs.
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Esther, a religious fashion student, struggles to adjust to her new flat mates due to her sensory and boundary issues. She decides to take revenge in an unconventional way.
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Alice has an unwelcome encounter with someone at a party. As she tells her side of the story, she feels like she is on trial for something that isn’t her fault, much like the ‘witches’ during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.
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A TV License Inspector takes matters into her own hands when a suspicious man claims he doesn't own a television.
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Patrick and Damien have been together for a while, nothing puts their relationship to the test more than meeting Damien’s mother...
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May, a pregnant teenager, travels to the UK with her best friend Cathy in order to have an abortion. The two Irish teens have a conversation about their feelings, and the distress of the situation for May is palpable, especially since she has felt unable to tell even her mother.
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As Daisy and Michael prepare to board their holiday flight, Michael realises he left something important behind…
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